What is Zhelter?

Zhelter is a fun, cool and hip co-living space exclusively designed for the needs of students and young adults. The goal is to provide the students with a comfortable and safe home away from home so that they concentrate on their studies, projects and chilling with friends. They dont need to worry about nutritious food, laundry, wifi, housekeeping etc.

What are the rental rates? Are they the same for all residences?

All properties have different payment plans based on location and sharing. Please check out details of our various address.

What’s included and what isn’t?

Everything is included- tasty meals, laundry, housekeeping, security and wifi. Only electricity bills are paid on actuals.

Do I get a single, double or triple seater room?

That depends on your budget and level of privacy. We suggest that sharing rooms always work better as you get a buddy to share your space with.

How many students live in each Zhelter property?

Each property varies in size and capacity. We have capacity varying from 50 beds to 150 beds in a single property.

What security will you provide?

We provide 100% security for our residents as that is our priority. There are security personnel at the site 24x7. Additionally, we have installed CCTV cameras all over the property to take extra precaustions. Also, all our caretakers reside in the property to manage any situation.

Are there any entry-exit restrictions?

We have very fair and realistic hours of operations as we understand the requirements of the students. Also, students can request for late entry/exit.

How many meals are provided in a Zhelter property?

Meals range from 3-4 meal in a day. It depends from property to property and implicitly the college timings.

What about the cleaning of rooms and communal spaces?

One of our USP is our hospitality. We provide daily houskeeping of all rooms and twice a day cleaning of all common areas. We maintain the highest level of hygiene.

How can I book a room for myself?

You can schedule a visit and meet our team to finalise your room.

Can I block a room without booking it immediately

You can pay a booking amount to block a room. We suggest visiting a property before booking it.

When can I book?

We usually got all booked in the beginning of college sessions. Incase you are looking to book, please reach out to check the availability.

What is the minimum duration of stay?

We take bookings for the entire session which extends from 11-12 months depending on the properties.

Can friends and family visit?

Ofcourse! Friends and family are allowed to visit for a short duration.

Tell me more about Zhelter community?

Best thing about Zhelter is our Zhelter Pack. Everyone comes from different cities, backgrounds but come together start this exciting journey together. We host numerous events to help the Zheltans engage constantly.

How is Zhelter different from other PGs and hostels?

We are not just a hostel, but an experience. We provide much more than just a place to stay. We are a place where you can learn, grow and experience. Be a part our Zhelter Pack, join the Zhelter Anchor Program and experience the first taste of living independently, living responsibly.

Tell me more about Zhelter Anchor Program?

Zhelter Anchor Program is specially designed for our ambitious and enthusiastic Zheltans with varied interests and dreams. Imagine getting introduced to a CA with 35 years of experience, an award winning photographer, CV reviews by ISB Graduates etc.

I was thinking of moving into an apartment / flat. How does Zhelter compare?

If you want to burdened with responsibility of running a house, finding a cook, buying vegetables and waking up early to let your cleaning lady enter, an appartment is for you. At Zhelter, all these tasks are taken care of while you chill and prosper.

How useful is the Zhelter App?

Zhelter App is everything for Zheltans. From raising service requests, check daily food menu and making cash less payments, the app has everything.

How do I choose a particular Zhelter property?

You can choose a Zhelter property based on your college and the area you wish to live in.

My property is great for a hostel. I would love to collaborate and bring Zhelter to my city. How can I reach you?

Call us! Mail us! We are constantly looking to expand. We would love to explore all possibilites of collaboration.

I have more queries. Who can I talk to at Zhelter?

Call us on 9871098146 to schedule a visit or to clear your doubts! We love to talk.